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MUDr. Otakar Ach-Hübner

outpatient and occupational health practice

Mendlovo náměstí 17, 3rd floor.
603 00 Brno

Phone: 544 525 335  

Dear patients,
the web pages has address: Please check only these web pages for current information.

  • MEDICAL DEVICE EQUIPMENT: POCT TESING, ECG, Spirometic MEDICRO, Ambulant BP Monitoring- "Holter of BP". Defibrilator is not offered..... PREVENTIVE MEDICAL CHECK-UP: at GP each 2years, Stomatology each 6month, Gynekology 1 per Y SCREENING PROGRAMS- COLORECTAL FOB 50y...51-52-53-54-55, later each 2years, coloscopy 10y DISPENSARISATIONAL CHECK UP: DIABETICS, HYPERTONICS, cholesterole excessive - 3-6 month+BT HOME VISITATION: for ERDERLY senior patient only, on dem, travel day- TUE second per Month SENIOR DRIVERS: 65year-68-70-72-74-76-78-80, than each2y + psychological evaluation OBESITY SOLUTION: income + outcome of 'Energy perfect balance, Saxenda - liraglutid inj.?
  • NO FREE EMAIL CAPACITY or IT communication - doctor Ach-Hübner, minimum only. Face to face of phone or paper post contacts....
  • Doctor has NO CAPACITY for email solution. No realiabitity for that info channel.
  • a flagrant stupid joke to make un appointment 17th NOV- public Holiday
  • Change of reservation system: MON+ WED + FRI for new/unknown/foreign patient. Reservation for concreate appointment will be for permanent patients with valid minimally 12 month old reservation+3 visits here during this time -1year. Resevation for groups of unknownn citiesen is NOT possible-/very time consuming and braking app. system/ .
  • correction: 12month old valid registration here. Team of our surgery may to cancell reservation - breaking our surgery rules/regime. Thank you.
  • The phone was transfered - to use 544525335 than temporary 732..... Yachting 3 days competition - 130 year anniversary Lipno 1.9-3.9. , next week Czech championship 8th-10th SEP, than svimming-holiday one week.
  • On MON afternoon, or TUE or FRI we served with assistant Mr. Radim Klimek, Bc.
  • Blocked+UnBlocked internet line the old e-mails was confusingly send . Do not to notice them
  • Respect the public holidays 28th SEP + 17th NOV please. No surgery, replacement by firt Aid Station, Trauma of Hospital, Brno, Ponávka 6 - phone 545538538
  • since OCT 2023 new surgery hours: - MON+TUE 7,30-14,30 WED 7,30-13 THU 12-18.00h FRI 8-13h.

Current absence/deputy: (Please check Czech page)
  • 9.10.2023 - 10.10.2023 Congress of medical officers 8th-10th OCT in Prague, replacement - Staré Brno vsm?
  • 7.11.2023 - 13.11.2023 7days of sailing Holiday abroad. Replacement will be solved. MON 6th NOV- 7,30am - 4 p.m. ONLY.