Welcome to the ambulance website of general practitioner

MUDr. Otakar Ach-Hübner

outpatient and occupational health practice

Mendlovo náměstí 17, 3rd floor.
603 00 Brno

Phone: 544 525 335  

Dear patients,
the web pages has new address:

  • Patients - Drivers with valid sick note (neschopenka - they aren´t allowed for work)  SHOULDN´T Drive a Car

  • Generally is impossible to prepare/create receipts and case reports before patient´s visite here. Only exceptionally.

  • For medical evaluation of foreign patients we need medical history (from home country GPs) , biochemical and haematological results. In case of exclusion of TB, X-ray of lung is necessary - as selfpayers.

    Employees need medical history from registered GP.

    Patients who wish an exslusion of Sexually Transmited Diseases, should to concact SYNLAB laboratory, Údolní 18, 602 527 235 as Selfpayers anad pay Deposite Money. Or different acreditated lab.

  • Foreign student from European Union - czech number after registration at General Insurance Company, Benešova 10, is NECESSARY for us.

    You must to contact VZP personally -departement for foreign clients from EU,  Mrs. Sendlerová or Miss Černá, second floor of VZP palace, 952236358, cheaf is Mrs. Špačková. Patients without required documents are SELFPAYERS- we havn´t any cash machine terminal here. Patients should pay cash.

  • The head physician has summer holiday 1st - 5th of August anad 11th-12th of August 2016. Mrs Potůčková will be here for patients.

    26th-28.8. and 9-11.9. YC sportive event at Otmuchów and Nechranice -far avay. Consulting room will be held by V.Potuckova -M.D. or replaycement by different GP (dr.Mihulova, dr.Zdubova?)

  • On Friday 26th of August consulting room will be closed (very probably). Replacement by First Aid Station at Trauma Hospital of Brno, Ponavaka 6, phone 54538416, regulation fee 90 Cz.crowns.

Current absence/deputy: (Please check Czech page)
  • 9.9.2016 On Monday 1st of August consulting room till 3.p.m. only (Dr.Potuckova) On Friday 9th of September holiday of heach physician, replacement probably by Mrs. Zdubova, Kridlovická 19b- hotel Omega, phone: 543213839.